The global power sector has been defined in recent years by the rapid growth of renewable energy. The sector is experiencing an increased amount of investment, particularly in wind, solar and biomass.

ELGs‘ multi-disciplinary teams dedicated to renewables are immersed in this sector with over 20 years’ experience of delivering cutting-edge advice to onshore and offshore clients successfully. The member firms‘ market-leading expertise comes from working closely with clients across all technology types and from their profound understanding of the regulatory framework.

Members of the ELG have advised governments in the region on the development of legislative frameworks for renewables, and have worked on a wide-range of renewable energy projects involving investment in new technologies. (e.g. advising clients in the wind industry in relation to the construction of wind farms, planning, obtaining permissions, as well as on issues relating to environmental questions and financing.)

Working closely and taking a proactive role with industry bodies and associations, the members of the ELG regularly support their clients by providing practical and commercially sound advice.

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