The spring meeting of the ELG was held in Lisbon (Portugal) at Morais Leitao on Friday 26th April 2019. 

A conference was organized at Morais Leitao's premises on challenges of climate change for the Energy sector.

The Group then had the opportunity to visit the Museu da Electricidade and attended a gala dinner at Valle-Flôr.   


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The ELG held its fall meeting in Paris (France) at JEANTET on Friday 26th October 2018. 

A conference was organized at Jeantet's premises on "Hot topics in Energy in France and Morocco" with the following speakers: 

  • Mohamed ALI KHELIL CHAREF, JEANTET, Casablanca office 
  • Pierre JEREMIE, FRENCH MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, General Directorate for Energy and Climate, Electricity Markets Unit 
  • Jean PAPIAS, TOTAL, Legal Director - International Affairs
  • Lionel LE MAUX, Co-founder at EVERGAZ and ACQUA
  • Moderator: Thierry LAURIOL

The Group attended a dinner cruise on the Seine River .


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The ELG celebrated its 25th anniversary during its spring meeting held in Dublin (Ireland) at Arthur Cox on Friday 27th April 2018. 

The Group has the opportunity to visit the Covanta Plant of Dublin, and attended a gala dinner at the Royal College of Physicians.


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On 22 September 2017, the ELG held its 5th Energy Event at the Royal Castle in Warsaw (Poland).

The Energy Event brought together leading energy industry practitioners, regulators, bankers and lawyers from all over Europe and Arab countries who will attend to discuss some of the industry’s most compelling issues in a private and secluded environment.

  • Workshop 1: Renewables
  • Workshop 2: Energy Storage
  • Workshop 3: Pipelines and Gas Trading
  • Workshop 4: Energy and Mining Hot Topics in Africa and MENA
  • Workshop 5: Clean Energy Package


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The Group held its spring meeting in Amman (Jordan) at Ali Sharif Zu'bi Advocates and Legal Consultants on Saturday 29th April 2017.

During the public session, Ali Sharif Zu’bi introduced the meeting by presenting challenges for Jordan in energy sectors.

Then, the following presentations were made by:

  • H.E. Dr Ibrahim SAIF, Minister of Energy & Mineral Ressources of Jordan
  • H.E. Dr Khaled TOUKAN, Chairman of Jordan Energy Commission on "Jordan's Nuclear Energy Strategy: Meeting Domestic Challenges"


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